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How much can I Borrow?

This is dependent on two factors. The value of your home and how old the younger applicant is if its a joint application. The table below will give you an indication of how much you could borrow at any given age. Note. This is an indication only and will depend on the recommended lender and the plan terms and conditions.

Be aware, this is how much the provider is prepared to lend, NOT, as is a common misinformed untruth, how much the lender is prepared to offer for your house. With a Lifetime Mortgage, you’ll always own your own home. The lender will have a First Legal Charge, just as they do with a conventional early life mortgage. There’s no difference.

I’ll give an example. Taking the younger applicant as being 71 years old, owning a house worth £225,000:

Find the age 71 on the table below and you’ll see the “Indicative loan to value” to the right is 46%.

Therefore, £225,000 X 46% = £103,500 the maximum that could be borrowed.

Note, the closer your borrowing comes to the maximum available, the higher the interest rate that will be charged. Most customers take an initial amount they’re comfortable with and have a reserve or drawdown fund pre-agreed so they can come back for more money in the future.

Your personal circumstances and needs have to be taken into account to make sure the plan recommended provides the best value over the term, whilst meeting your specific requirements. This is why you need to take advice from a properly authorised specialist Equity Release adviser.

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Scroll right on mobile to see the whole grid.

Your age Indicative LTV Your age Indicative LTV
55 27% 70 45%
56 28% 71 46%
57 29% 72 47%
58 30% 73 48%
59 31% 74 49%
60 33% 75 50%
61 34% 76 51%
62 35% 77 52%
63 36% 78 53%
64 37% 79 54%
65 38% 80 55%
66 39%
67 40% 85 58%
68 41% 90 58%
69 42% 95 58%